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About Us

About Lina Enegy

Lina Energy – LE is energy solution company in Bulgaria and Jordan established in Jan, 2017 by Eng. Lina AL-Kurdi. LE believes in the need to restore green spaces that are being lost for construction projects, resulting in environmental and energy challenges affecting us on many levels such mental and physical health. Future generations’ mental and physical health is important to us; thus LE has a plan to open creative or athletical opportunities to young children in soum, Irbid that will enable them to grow healthy and creatively, as we had been supporting a local basketball team in Pernik, Bulgaria “Баскетболен клуб миньор-2015” resulting in local community achievements.

As lands are being crowded with construction, air is becoming increasingly polluted by our activates without green layer to filter it while energy is being increasingly consumed for cooling/heating this results in pressing need in the local and regional markets to restore environment and reduce energy consumption in one solution that takes advantage of forgotten space over the entire construction area! Since the beginnings of Lina Energy - LE, we have been promoting for greener cities in MENA region while reducing energy bill and mitigating environmental and climate change challenges facing us in one solution.

Our vision lays in becoming the largest Green Roof installer in the region and beyond. By installing LE Green Roof you are not only helping in reducing energy, you are restoring green space lost to construct your building, you are enhancing the surrounding microclimate, helping in providing better climate and reducing respirational diseases causes while enjoying beautiful green space on your roof. Contact us for more information on benefits on community scale resulting from installing LE Green Roof system.


Provide LE clients with LE green roofs for a greener and more energy efficient Jordan.

Lina Energy Values


LE delivers a product that helps the environment and aids the community at large.


You can always count on LE during installation and for postsale services. Your purchase of any of our products/services, doesn’t end with installation, it continues with a long fruitful after-sales and maintenance relationship.


We are always looking to improve by educating and empowering ourselves with the latest cutting edge techniques


We are driven to deliver with utmost motivation and passion. We believe in giving 100% every single time as every client is a unique case that deserves our undivided attention.

LE envisions itself as the largest green roof installer in the region and beyond

About The Founder

Lina AL-Kurdi is renewable energy professional, she received her M.Sc. in renewable energy in 2016 from the University of Jordan and worked on establishing her own renewable energy and energy efficiency company in Jordan based on market need in Jordan.

Eng. AL-Kurdi received her B.Sc. in production engineering from Tafila Technical University and worked in challenging business sectors. She also received her renewable energy professional certificate from Association of energy engineers in 2016.

Eng. AL-Kurdi founded Lina Energy – LE in the beginning of 2017 and is working to increase Jordanian building envelop efficiency and restoring green spaces in Jordan through its own LE green roof technology.

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Our Team

Lina AL-Kurdi

Founder & CEO

Fiza Mubarik

Architecture retrofitting Engineer

Eng. Sarah Khan

Architectural Engineer

Eng. Ana Iath

Landscape Architecture Engineer

Eng. Milica Stefanović

Landscape Architecture Engineer